Friday, October 08, 2010

Colorado: Day 4

Wow ... guess I took an extended hiatus from posting to the blog.  Sorry about that.  It's time for me to finish the final couple of days of our Colorado vacation.  Day 4 we just stayed pretty close to the hotel.  We started the day with fly fishing lessons.  We thought that would be more fun than it was.  We didn't even get to fish.  Just learned to cast on the cement.  Boring!!!


But at least the view was nice!

Then we headed into town for a little souvenier shopping and also stopped in at the visitor center to find out where a good hiking trail was.  And the kids found a neat statue they wanted to pose with (ok ... I wanted them to pose with it!!).

And then we were off to the trail!  The kids wanted to sit in the ski lift even though it was clearly marked not to.  Ah well ... ya gotta break the rules sometimes!

And then up the mountain we went!

Then we found a little stream we had to cross.  That was fun!

Then we found a little clearing with a bunch of snowmobiles.  We were all pretty worn out by this point so we stopped and played on them for a little while.  This was probably against the rules, too.  But no one was there.  :)


And on the way back down the mountain, we discovered the coldest lake on the planet.  OMG that water was like ice!!!!  I don't even know how the kids got in it.  Look at Austin's face.  Too funny!

Stay tuned for day 5 ... coming soon!  Promise it won't be another month!  And this will be a good post.  Gonna show pics of our whitewater rafting adventure!

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  1. Looks like you had a great family vacation. :)